Bottomless Portafilter 51mm 2 nails


TEGRILO Coffee Portafilter 51mm 2 edges is made of high quality material which ensures maximum durability. Ergonomically designed Rosewood handle and non-pressurized double shoot stainless steel filter basket, holds up to 21g coffee powder are Professional extracting equipment that extract professional coffee. It can be arbitrarily disassembled as a replacement part of the coffee machine.
Size: 51MM
Material: 304 stainless steel Replacement filter basket, Rosewood handle.
Condition: 100% New Item
Color: Red Rosewood
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 coffee handle, 1 double shoot single layer basket


  • COMPATIBILITY: TEGRILO 2 Ear Coffee portafilter 51mm is compatible to BCO420, BCO430, BCO432, EC152, EC155, EC155M, ECO310, EC330, EC330S, EC702, EC200, EC221, ECP3420, ECP3630, ECP3220, ECP3220W, ECP3220R, ECP3120. Please double check the size to make sure you chose the right parts. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about the product.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: TEGRILO 51mm portafilter’s stainless steel fine mesh basket don’t allow the coffee powder to run through the pores, Keeping the original flavor of the coffee and doesn’t remove its aroma like paper filters. Ergonomically designed handle provides comfortable grip that help in stable operation, removable design makes it easy to Assemble, disassemble, use, and clean.
  • SAFE MATERIAL: Our 51mm coffee filter is made of high quality food grade stainless steel, have the properties of rust and corrosion resistance, non-toxic, hygienic, Eco-friendly, durable and safe for your health.
  • DELICIOUS EXTRACTION: Your perfectly selected coffee filter enhances the taste of your coffee by increasing its cleanliness, extracting more fat and ensuring better quality, the fine 304 Food Grade stainless steel single-layer filter is the key to extracting oil. If splashing occurs, it means that there are problems in the extraction scheme such as baking degree, grinding degree, and powder amount.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: We are offering all our customers a long term satisfaction guarantee. If ever you feel unsatisfied with your purchase or you have any question feel free to contact us.
  • CHANNELING AND SPURTING: If the coffee powder is properly processed and properly pressed in bottomless portafilter basket you will observe smooth shortcomings of extraction process that will create no splashes or spurting at all, But it can be very messy, if there is any flaw in baking, grinding, distribution or pressing of coffee powder .This is not a defect of the portafilter itself, but tells that there are problems in the extraction scheme processing.

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 23.6 × 8.4 × 5.4 cm


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